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apple carplay

  1. General Discussions
    I so appreciate the conversations on this site, it's helped me so much as a new Subie owner. I have the 2020 Limited, Is there a way to access the radio function while in my Maps in Apple CarPlay?
  2. Gen 4: 2010-2014
    Hi all, What is the story here. I just took my Outback 2013 to have a car play system put in and they tell me -- "this model" it has the HK sound, Nav, etc. can't be swapped out without changing the dash? They told me they would do research on it and get back to me, but this seems super...
  3. Gen 6: 2020-Future
    Review: This adapter turns standard CarPlay into Wireless CarPlay, and somehow it actually works - 9to5Mac This dongle can upgrade you to wireless CarPlay for cheap Has anyone tried one of the dongles out there that essentially appears to the head unit as a phone but then connects wirelessly...
  4. Gen 6: 2020-Future
    I'm starting to think that a reasonable amount of my dislike of the infotainment is actually the bugginess of the Amazon Music app. What is everyone using and liking for music between Amazon, Apple Music and Spotify. Don't say Pandora because that serves a different purpose for me and doesn't...
  5. Lighting, Electrical & Electronics
    Got an email from Subaru about OTA update today. Between meetings I went and applied the update. Now we get CarPlay on full screen: Anyone else tried it?
  6. Gen 6: 2020-Future
    I, like many of you, would love for Apple CarPlay to be full screen on these large displays. That one change would make things not only more convenient but also safer. I see rumor after rumor posted in countless threads that full screen Android Auto* and/or Apple CarPlay are coming in some...