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  1. Problems & DIY Maintenance
    Hey everyone, I'm having a horrible time trying to get my wife's new (used) Outback on the road, were down to 1 vehicle, and need this fixed ASAP. I screwed up the trans, ROYALLY (input shaft busted into a billion pieces), and am not able to find a good one from a 99. I bought an auto from an 03...
  2. Parts, Accessories, & Performance
    I own a 2009 3GEN Subaru Outback Premium 2.5 Petrol 4 Cylinder. I'm investigating putting a lift kit on it to get some extra clearance but I'm very unsure. I don't know a lot about cars (I'm 19 and have had the car for a year, bought second-hand and it's all stock parts) but I love going camping...
  3. Subaru Outback Versus The Competition
    So I’m looking into getting another car after selling my last one. I’ve been considering this 06 outback. I’ve had friends that have loved their Subaru’s and the outback checks most of the boxes for me. I wanted to get some opinions on what this specific car is worth and if I should bother...
  4. Problems & DIY Maintenance
    Hey folks, '03 Outback manual, got a flat tire on the front on the highway, threw the spare tire on the front without thinking about it (hadn't read the portion in the manual stating to only place it on the back). Immediately hopped back on the highway and without even thinking I was back up...
  5. Morning Shot

    Morning Shot

    After a few more fresh inches of snow. Only AWD and 4X4s in the valley
  6. Empty parking lot

    Empty parking lot

    The Rouge Valley parking lot after a fresh snowball. Only AWD and 4x4s in the parking lot
  7. Morning Snowfall in the Valley

    Morning Snowfall in the Valley

    Morning before big snowfall
  8. Snowfall in the valley

    Snowfall in the valley

    Sunrise after snowfall in Rouge Vallley