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  1. Warning about using reverse light incandecents in the doors after an LED replacement

    Gen 6: 2020-Future
    While I was installing door speakers, I hadn't disconnected the battery. The doors were open for an extended period of time and the bulbs in the door puddle light area were getting very hot. The bulbs in those locations were the bulbs that I had removed from my reverse lights to replace with...
  2. Passenger headlight out; bulbs and fuses seem OK

    Electrical & Electronics
    Passenger side headlights are out on my dad’s 2014 OB 2.5 (pretty sure it’s a ‘limited’; has leather seats and moonroof) w/CVT. He checked the low beam bulbs and fuses and they appear to be working. He has not pulled the high beam bulb, but put a multimeter onto the spot where you hook in the...