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  1. Catalytic converter for 08 outback CA emissions

    Problems & Maintenance
    I have an 08 Outback that needs a new catalytic converter. The dealership said the honeycomb is breaking down in the mid pipe and so I have a few questions. 1. do the catalytic converters come with the midpipe as a whole set or do I need to buy the midpipe in addition to the CC? 2. any...
  2. O2 sensors California model

    Gen 3: 2005-2009
    I’m sure I’m asking a question that is already out there but I’m not finding it. I have an 05 base model California exhaust. I have a P0420 code that I’m going to replace the O2 sensors first before I replace the catalytic coverts to see if that corrects the CEL. Under the car I have the 2 up...