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  1. 2007 Outback 2.5l XT Limited - Oil Control Valve Body Cracked?

    Problems & Maintenance
    Hey there, I recently tried to fix the P0011 code on my own but noticed that there was a crack in the hole where the Banjo/Union bolt goes to the turbo oil line. The crack is in the hole there (see image), right above where the passenger side AVCS goes. Can anyone tell me what this part is...
  2. RPM gauge plastic protector (what you look through) is cracked. Easy fix?

    Problems & Maintenance
    Hi all, Just bought a 2019 Outback and as I was driving it off the lot I noticed this: The plastic barrier is cracked. I am guessing the previous owner pushed on it or something. Anyway, I negotiated with the dealership and they agreed to fix it. The problem is I am not from this city and...
  3. Cracked Windshield

    Problems & Maintenance
    I recently purchased a used 2018 Subaru Outback touring with 9k miles. After two weeks of driving a very small rock/debris hit my windshield and cracked it. I had my visor down and the impact was was so light I didn't even bother to check it. Then, when I raised my visor I realized what had...