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  1. New CV Axle... Clunking sound... PLEASE HELP

    Problems & Maintenance
    I recently just replaced a front Driver side CV axle. With a Napa NMD 942043 basically a rebranded Cardone Select 637355HD, HD meaning Heavy Duty which is why I choose it. Almost identical looking to oem. After the previous cheap aftermarket from Advance Auto Started to go, causing vibrations in...
  2. 07 Outback 2.5l (basic) riding noise (Video)

    Problems & Maintenance
    I posted a thread about this not to long ago and got an answer pointing to the front end suspension. This could still be the case but after a quick inspection of all the bushings and looking for play, I couldn't find any issues. Below I'll link a video with me driving and demonstrating the...
  3. Whistling noise front end 2005 2.4 i

    Problems & Maintenance
    A few weeks ago I started hearing this whistling noise coming from the front end, potentially the front passenger side wheel area. I checked transmission fluid which was fine, just had the oil changed as well. Here's a short clip of the sound:
  4. Spider gear assembly

    Spider gear assembly

    The parts I need fit over the end of this part inside the differential. The square hole goes over the end.
  5. Cup washer/spacer close up

    Cup washer/spacer close up

    This is another shot with the pieces put together to illustrate the parts I need.
  6. Differential top view

    Differential top view

    This is to show where these 'cup washers' go inside the differential
  7. Cup washer/spacer pieces

    Cup washer/spacer pieces

    This is what I need! Two of these. It goes on the spider gear inside the differential.