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  1. 1999 Subaru Legacy outback manual trans issue

    Problems & Maintenance
    Today I was driving and my car got stuck in 4th gear (manual 5 speed 2.5 dohc). I had just recently had this issue and thought I fixed it. I tried pushing it out but it stayed stuck in gear and now has a ridiculous amount of play on the shifter.
  2. Dohc ej2.5 to sohc 2.5 swap ej25

    Problems & Maintenance
    Hello all! I have a 1999 30th anniversary legacy outback limited someone grenaded the bottom end of a dohc ej25. I would really like to put in a jdm sohc 2.5 ej25 in it. Everything on top is good but my dohc block is not rebuildable. can I just pop the jdm sohc ej 25 in there using my intake...