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driver monitoring

  1. Gen 6: 2020-Future
    I've ordered a 2021 Outback Touring XT and am trying to understand how Driver Recognition works. Is it possible to use Driver Recognition and at the same time turn off the Driver Focus function? Thanks, Jim
  2. Lighting, Electrical & Electronics
    First, if this is the wrong place to put this question, apologies, let me know where to drop it and I will. I'm sure like a lot of us, if I get into my Outback with my mask still on and if I don't get it off soon enough the Driver Monitor System can't scan my face and turns off. How can I get...
  3. Gen 6: 2020-Future
    I am a bit confused about their relationship or the lack thereof. I created driver’s profile by using the add profile button and the paired Bluetooth. Then I registered driver using Driver Monitoring system. However, I could not find any way to link the driver’s profile and the registered...