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  1. 2001 outback Driver window and Lean back function of Power seat not Functioning

    Electrical & Electronics
    Hello, My driver side power window is not functioning. I do not think it is a fuse related problem as the other windows work and the only other thing that does not work in the car is the lean back function of the driver power seat. I have been reading through the forums and was trying to...
  2. (SOLVED) Gen 4 driver side reverse light out after trailer hitch wiring harness install

    Gen 4: 2010-2014
    I did a brief search for this and could not find anything elsewhere in the forums. I have a 2014 OB LTD. I installed a trailer hitch receiver and wiring harness this past weekend, and after installing the wiring harness for the trailer electric, I noticed my driver's side reverse light was...