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  1. Spare Wheel on Front of manual trans, AWD damage?

    Problems & Maintenance
    Hey folks, '03 Outback manual, got a flat tire on the front on the highway, threw the spare tire on the front without thinking about it (hadn't read the portion in the manual stating to only place it on the back). Immediately hopped back on the highway and without even thinking I was back up...
  2. HELP: General Loose/Sloppy Feel w/ strange rattle at low speeds/when shifting

    Gen 2: 2000-2004
    2002 OBW H6 3.0 LL Bean Issues: Sloppy feeling at slow speeds, Loose feeling in transmission Have noticed what feels like looser steering mixed with body roll, but notice the loose/less precise feeling in the wheel more. Also noticed when I shift from park I'll hear a little rattle. I also...
  3. 07 Outback 2.5l (basic) sounds like its riding on rails

    Problems & Maintenance
    So not sure if this is the right place to post this but my new-to-me 07 Outback 2.5l basic 141k sounds like its riding on rails or something. I'm doing a brake job on both the rotors and pads thee week as their rusted to **** and hoping that's the noise and not the drivetrain. Might add calipers...