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ej25 rebuild

  1. Engine & Drivetrain
    I recently bought a 2010 outback with the CVT automatic transmission. I got a smoking deal on it because I need an engine. I am a mechanic and not worried about replacing it but I want y’all’s opinion on best places to buy used or rebuilt engine.
  2. Problems & DIY Maintenance
    Blew a piston ring and locked my EJ253 block up, so time to get nasty. Pulled the engine and replaced the following: New Block gaskets seals Plugs and Wires (NGK of course) Catalytic Converter (cross pipe) O2 sensors timing belt and other belts and all new pulley kit. My Water pump was...
  3. EJ25 Rebuild 8

    EJ25 Rebuild 8

    Same photo, different angle
  4. EJ25 Rebuild 7

    EJ25 Rebuild 7

    Almost Back together. I really should have been motivated and painted the Block, Oh well, maybe on the 540,000km rebuild.
  5. EJ25 Rebuild 6

    EJ25 Rebuild 6

    Block split in 2. Big Ends well worn, but mains still as good as new.
  6. EJ25 Rebuild 5

    EJ25 Rebuild 5

    mmmm, nice enough to eat off of
  7. EJ25 Rebuild 4

    EJ25 Rebuild 4

    Heads as they came off. Slight leak on one edge which was the cause of the rebuild
  8. EJ25 Rebuild 3

    EJ25 Rebuild 3

    Block minus heads, still excellent condition after 270,000kms
  9. EJ25 Rebuild 2

    EJ25 Rebuild 2

    Empty Engine bay
  10. EJ25 Rebuild 1

    EJ25 Rebuild 1

    The start of rebuilding my '97 Outback, with 270,000 on the clock.