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electrical system

  1. Help... my 2015 outback problem is stumping dealership

    Gen 5: 2015-2019
    So... first I had a defective battery but by the time I realized it wasn’t my fault it kept going dead they said I had already driven too far for the warranty :-( Got new battery & have had it for 1 or 2 years & was driving but noticed car was dragging like the brake was on, airbag light came on...
  2. #4 fuse keeps blowing in 2002 VDC

    Electrical & Electronics
    Hi guys the 20 amp #4 fuse on my 2002 outback keeps blowing. This fuse controls the fan motors, cigarette lighters, power mirrors and make up mirror lights, and either the seat heaters and/or their switches. I bought the car two months ago with it blown, and have replaced it 5-6 times since...
  3. SOLVED: Rear Dome Light Stays On When Set To "Door"

    Gen 4: 2010-2014
    Hi guys. Have a bit of an issue regarding the interior lights on my 2010 Outback 2.5i. A while back, I did the full LED conversion for the interior and exterior of my vehicle. Unfortunately, before I knew better, I purchased CANBUS LEDs for the interior, which draw more power than traditional...
  4. 2000 Legacy Outback Limited Crank but no start after fueling up

    Gen 2: 2000-2004
    Hello all. Looking for some advice on diagnosing my problem with a 2000 legacy outback limited manual transmission with 205k miles. After fueling up yesterday (fuel light was about to come on) my car cranks but doesn't start. Don't think it's the starter. There is a repetitive clicking sound...
  5. 2004 Subaru outback with the 2.5L engine electrical issues

    Electrical & Electronics
    After rebuilding the engine in my 2004 Subaru Outback wagon I must've missed a wire or something. It'll start but won't drive. It is in time. It gets fuel and spark. So the problem has to be electrical. You can start it and rev it as long as you hold the key, otherwise it will die. Please help...
  6. Stutters and loses power, but only in the rain or snow

    Problems & Maintenance
    Hello, I have a 2013 Outback 2.5i Premium with manual transmission. As the subject says, when it rains or snows the car seems to drop power for a second. It 'stutters' as if the clutch was engaged for a moment. Sometimes it happens only once in a 20 minute trip. It has occured up to five times...
  7. 06 outback 2.5i parasitic drain

    Gen 3: 2005-2009
    Owned 2 months. 107K miles. Clean as new. Purchased from a friend who owned it for 6 months. He purchased it from dealer where it had been traded in. From dealer records, 4 batteries had been replaced in 2 months prior to trade in. My friend had not looked at the records. He had to start it...
  8. 2010 Outback Low lights

    Electrical & Electronics
    Ive had this car for one year and replaced the low beam headlights 4 times. Regardless of which brand/quality lights ive used to replace them. The fog lights go out about half the time. Wondering if this is a part of a bigger issue that other subaru fans know about? Electrical testing is being...
  9. 2015 - electrical issues when driven for 3 hours +

    Electrical & Electronics
    Hi - I have a 2015 Automatic Limited that I purchased used in 2017. My interior lights go on and off a bit randomly. Have never been particularly concerned. UNTIL, I drove on highway for 3 hours. Stopped at a rest stop. Got back in car. Interior lights were running as it was starting to get...