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engine mount

  1. Lifting Engine a Couple Inches. What am I missing?!

    Gen 3: 2005-2009
    I read in a post where they say you can lift the engine up a couple inches by undoing the engine mounts and jacking up from the underside. I've been trying to do that to access the last bolt holding the valve cover on (driver's side). In the image it's the bolt (that you can't see) at the lower...
  2. More problems with my 05 XT automatic.... yay

    Gen 3: 2005-2009
    Hey all, A few more problems have arrived for 2020 in my 05 OBXT. First, my transmission is still shifting kind of hard (this post details what I've gone through 2005 XT 5EAT Transmission Woes). Again, is at it's worse when ice cold. I took the skid plate off to have a gander at leaks from...
  3. Engine mount replacement with no tiny Subaru mechanic hands

    Gen 2: 2000-2004
    So got my son an 03 outback H4 MT5. I knew this job would be difficult but holy crap batman. So I've removed the engine mounts and was able to reinstall the passenger mount. I am dead in the water with threading in the driver side. Any tips on how to get this done, my next step will be dropping...