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engine noise

  1. Loud Ticking Sound at Idle and Revving...Injectors?

    Problems & Maintenance
    I'm stuck. 08 outback xt. VF52 turbo. 700cc injectors. TGV butterfly valves removed. Headers. High flow cat downpipe. Newly rebuilt engine. Valves clearances were checked, but it is making a loud ticking noise at idle and continues while revving. Only code is P0030 front O2 sensor but did not...
  2. 2020 outback touring XT 2020 outback touring XT | Weird noise coming from rear!

    Gen 6: 2020-Future
    Almost since day one, I’ve been getting this weird howling/groaning noise coming from the rear of my 2020 Subaru outback touring XT with the turbo. I posted a new video on my YouTube channel and provided the link above so you can actually hear examples. I am trying to see if anyone else with the...
  3. Sudden bizarre noise and jerking when trying to drive as if transmission isn't engaging properly

    Problems & Maintenance
    Greetings All, Last week upon starting wife's 2017 Outback Limited, an odd, loud buzzing noise started. When I tried to drive it a short distance, it starts to jerk as if the drivetrain is not engaging properly. Here is a 20 second video clip in which you can clearly hear it: A. When does...