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  1. Exhaust system ideas

    Gen 3: 2005-2009
    I have a 2006 OB (non turbo). I was looking at catback exhaust systems but just wondering if there’s any suggestions/ideas you have that should fit my ride. Including muffler exhaust tip ideas as well.
  2. heavy exhaust smell after exhaust pipe recall performed (WUJ-95)

    Gen 5: 2015-2019
    Hi, I was wondering if anyone had their 2015 outback taken in for the front exhaust pipe recall? (WUJ-95 front exhaust pipe replacement for 2015 - 2016) We had ours done and I now smell the exhaust smell very heavy in the garage when I start and when I arrive back into my garage. Did anyone...
  3. Water droplets at donut gasket?

    Problems & Maintenance
    There's sometimes water droplets on cold startup along with a brief smell of damp exhaust. The donut gasket and springs are OEM new and the mating surfaces were cleaned up (seem smooth, perhaps not enough) after I removed the rotten old gasket. Is this a problem?
  4. 2015-18 Outback nameless performance muffler delete- $150

    Have a barely used muffler delete. It has a nice rumble to it. I’m throwing in the nameless performance bushings as well. $150 is a fair price. Local pickup near Rancho Cucamonga ca
  5. Have you been considering a Nameless Performance Exhaust?

    Gen 5: 2015-2019
    Well, luck for you - I've put together a video of how to install your new exhaust as well as some clips so you can hear how loud it is or is not! I hope this video helps you. Outback Adventures - Nameless Performance Exhaust
  6. New dual Exhaust

    New dual Exhaust

  7. Another shot of the Headers

    Another shot of the Headers

  8. Stainless headers.

    Stainless headers.

    A picture of the underside of the engine showing my new stainless headers.