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  1. 2004 EZ30 swap into 2006 Tribeca question

    Gen 3: 2005-2009
    Hello, New member, looking for someone with specific knowledge of the differences between the EZ30 mark 1 and the EZ30 mark 2. I have the option of purchasing a 2004 EZ30 and I can see in the pictures it has the drive by cable throttle body. I believe this means it is the mark 1, which has a...
  2. Will ez30d head gasket kit fit on ez30

    Head Gasket Issues
    Hi, My head gaskets are in need of a refresh and I was wondering if a gasket kit from ebay for a ez30d would fit on the ez30. I know that the exhaust are different but what about the heads.
  3. FS: engine H6 EZ30d 3.0 only 88K miles (north american spec 2001-2004)

    For Sale / For Free
    I purchased a car from one of my buddies that was in an accident and the insurance totaled the car. I needed the transmission for my car. I have almost 300K miles on my H6 but it runs perfect and doesn't burn oil so I don't have a reason to change it out with this motor. Attached are photos of...