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  1. Lighting, Electrical & Electronics
    Has anyone been able to update the firmware and maps on their Gen1 FTEN Navigation unit? My 2013 Outback Limited has firmware version 46.1011 and it has the Bluetooth issues that are outlined in the 15-193-16R TSB. Also my map version is outdated from 2011. I have not had any getting ahold of...
  2. Gen 5: 2015-2019
    My free 3 years of maps updates expires on December 11th. I just received an update (Rel_UA.21.41.70 NAFTA) through the Windows maps downloader app. Downloaded it to USB, installed it on my 2019 Outback, got prompted to enter the authorization code, which was a first for me (and I've read...
  3. Performance Parts & Accessories
    Or perhaps maintenance best practices. My 2016 Cross-adaptive cruise control is acting like a senior driver. It fails at night
  4. Gen 5: 2015-2019
    I recently updated my Harmon Kardon Head Unit (2019 3.6R Limited) to the latest version, 19.25.70 which includes navigation database North America_2017.03_7006_28/12545/272294/18208. Afterwards, I did a manual check for updated GPS maps via the Navigation Setting screen in the head unit. First...
1-4 of 4 Results