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full sized spare

  1. Gen 6: 2020-Future
    I’m curious to know for example if someone has fit a 235/65/17 (29”x9.3”) or perhaps something larger in their spare tire well in a 2020 outback, and if so, was your spare stored at full PSI at least 33psi? Or... What is the biggest tire someone has fit into the spare tire well on a 2020...
  2. Full sized spare

    Full sized spare

    assorted items tucked in/around full sized Geolandar AT/S 215/60/17 in my 2008 3.0R
  3. Full sized spare

    Full sized spare

    A full sized spare fits (with a bit of tire well adjustment). Large square foam, under floor storage piece will not fit with the full sized tire, but the jack holder fits fine.