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  1. Problems & DIY Maintenance
    Frustrated! I changed the gasket on the passenger side with no issues but the drivers side sucks! I cannot remove the cover without more clearance. I’ve read I may need to jack the engine via the oil pan. I removed a few engine mount bolts but I the whole car raises with the mount. Obviously I’m...
  2. For Sale / For Free
    Wheel arch molding kit. A couple of months old, I still have the invoice. Can't use it - I ended up cutting my fenders. Includes everything needed for the install. This is a Subaru Genuine Part. Installation manual also included. I paid $346 from Subaru including shipping. Part number...
  3. General Discussions
    I have had terrible luck with finding a good combination of quality, placement, and reliability while looking for a good phone mounting option for my Outback. After a few road trips I decided it would be good to try out utilizing the large screen for navigation and weather. This worked great...
  4. Gen 4: 2010-2014
    Hey all, new member here. My 2014 outback had a dying HVAC blower motor that took the fan switch with it. Motor must have been quietly dying for a long time as when it kicked the bucket it was a MESS inside. Installed a new motor, have a new HVAC switch unit on the way as well. But what I can't...
  5. EE20 - 2.0L Diesel
    I'm new here as I just bought a Gen4 MY13 2.0D OB. Want to reset the service interval (ECM) but can't find it anywhere. Maybe just don't know where to look, but spent nearly an hour searching. Little help please:)
  6. Gen 4: 2010-2014
    I did a brief search for this and could not find anything elsewhere in the forums. I have a 2014 OB LTD. I installed a trailer hitch receiver and wiring harness this past weekend, and after installing the wiring harness for the trailer electric, I noticed my driver's side reverse light was...
1-6 of 6 Results