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get back project

  1. Money Shot

    Money Shot

    The best pro shot. Pity about the puny file size required to post on this site!
  2. dirty bitch 3

    dirty bitch 3

    and another
  3. dirty bitch2

    dirty bitch2

    this is a professional shot courtesy November Images
  4. exhaust 3

    exhaust 3

  5. exhaust 2

    exhaust 2

    you can see where the guy has added more increments to the bend, in order to keep it as close to the chassis as possible. The entire profile is form fitted specifically for offroad conditions.
  6. exhaust 1

    exhaust 1

    This entire assembly was custom fabricated by 2 n a 1/2 inch stainless running the whole way, a catback, resonator, and 2 mufflers
  7. bigger tyres, lighter rims

    bigger tyres, lighter rims

    These are the largest tyres I can safely fit. It's complicated... I wanted Coopers to begin with. See? Oh, and new alloy rims reduced the overall weight, but not by much. The weight reduction project is ongoing. All depends on when I can afford to make her unroadworthy
  8. lift kit2

    lift kit2

    The new, larger tyres mean road handling is at least as good, and off road is amazing!
  9. lift kit1

    lift kit1

    These are the rally springs and struts I had installed, raising the car 1 inch.
  10. Dirty bitch

    Dirty bitch

    after a day of fun in the mud!!
  11. camber adjusters 1

    camber adjusters 1

    these adjustable spring tops were needed to properly adjust the camber of the front wheels to negative -1 degree.
  12. custom air intake 1

    custom air intake 1

    custom air intake
  13. my Outback with lift and new tyres

    my Outback with lift and new tyres