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h6 2" lift hd springs

  1. Wide shot nose to nose

    Wide shot nose to nose

    Wide shot of the luxury pack H6 and my lifted "poverty pack".... somehow the single color looks a totally different car.... thanks to my window tinter for the 'loan' of his H6
  2. Nose to Nose

    Nose to Nose

    A good clearance/comparison shot, although the single color H6 almost looks like a different nose...
  3. Front Side by Side

    Front Side by Side

    Again the luxury pack vs the lifted poverty pack, unfortunately the single color luxury appears a different size due to the color.... But still a good comparison
  4. Side by Side

    Side by Side

    The luxury pack H6 side by side with the "poverty pack" lifted H6
  5. Lifted Suby 1

    Lifted Suby 1

    '03 H6 Australian Outback finally with the ground clearance it deserves...