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  1. Skyline...

    Atop Skyline at Mt.Panorama, fog clearing, icy road... ready to descend the mountain down to Forest Elbow and Conrod Straight
  2. On the hoist at SubaXtreme

    Dropped into SubaXtreme to prompt them to make rear bars again, so up on the hoist fro a good look at mounting points..
  3. Close up of "extra" brake light

    Close up of extra brake light using the spare foglight position
  4. "Yep dad, looks good to me..."

    Seal of approval from my helper - plenty of shade, great spot to have a picnic
  5. Dads helper, Cassandra

    Cassandra (Cassie, Cas, CJ...) inspecting dads handywork.. soon to be 2yrs old - they grow quick
  6. More shade

    View of roller shade from rear
  7. Nice for picnics..

    An easy to carry shade solution, Emily and Cassie enjoy Subys new addition.
  8. Suby in the Aussie Bush

    Just a gentle trail drive through the Aussie bush
  9. Three wheeling...

    What goes up... just balanced before going back down the pinch - all in all a good tryout. :-)
  10. Ramp Over

    Cresting the top, no touching - the benefit of good clearance... I thought it may have scraped.
  11. Starting up

    Slow approach, checking clearance..
  12. Close to finished...

    Lifted, barred, waiting for offroad rubber on Forester rims... Mods just about done
1-12 of 12 Results