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  1. ABS cut off switch panel

    After a rethink the switches have been moved to the dashboard. Yellow key switch 'arms' the system and the red 'missile' switch shuts down the ABS...
  2. Relayed ABS by-pass

    Inside the fuse box showing the n/c relay and wiring in place of the ABS fuse allowing 'switching off' of the ABS.
  3. Nicely Sheltered...

    Rain overnight and half the day provided a good test for the roll out awning mounted to the "Enterprise"
  4. Mitta Mitta River

    North of Omeo in the Victorian High Country, whilst camping a fly fisherman caught a Brown Trout...
  5. A not so friendly local..

    Found sitting above the toilet seat - a National Parks issue Huntsman... His mate was on the opposite wall.
  6. Bushfire damage

    Recent bushfire damage in the lower part of the Victorian High Country, over 6 million acres burnt.
  7. In Car entertainment

    Entertaining a toddler on a wet day when camping - not easy...
  8. Suby and Pod Trailer

    Testing a pod trailer - all plastic body, great storage. Easy to tow. Camped in the Victorian bush
  9. Cassie in camp

    Campsite with "Pod Trailer", Cassie barely able to see from under the cap...
  10. Camping...

    Camping on the Mitta Mitta River for 3rd birthday bash
1-10 of 10 Results