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h6 subaxtreme scorpion 2"bodylift

  1. Tiny head unit...

    Tiny head unit...

    ..even the head unit is tiny when compared to a scangauge. The bonus handheld is 40ch UHF too...
  2. New comms for Suby

    New comms for Suby

    A change to some accessories required a rethink of the UHF CB, here's one I found on-line...
  3. On Skyline, Mt Panorama, Bathurst

    On Skyline, Mt Panorama, Bathurst

    A -2 deg C morning atop our most famous race circuit - Mt.Panorama, Bathurst... Suby is a bit out of place, but the lap of the racetrack was fun - even with ice...
  4. Dripping wet, fully loaded

    Dripping wet, fully loaded

    Fully loaded for a week away with partner and 2yo daughter. Playing on dirt and in the mud was half the fun...
  5. "Extra" brake lights for '00 - '04 Outbacks

    "Extra" brake lights for '00 - '04 Outbacks

    Using the "spare" foglight position and blanked off globe holder I've been able to set up quad brakelights - and possibly more...
  6. Recovery Gear Storage

    Recovery Gear Storage

    Utilising the spare wheel well for recovery gear... in here are/fit Hand Winch, Snatch Strap, Tree Trunk Protector, 2x Rated Shackles, Snatch Block, 20mtrs Wire Rope for Winch, Compressor, Jacking plate and block, Gloves
  7. Spare mount without tyre

    Spare mount without tyre

    Here's the mount without the tyre - all mounting points utilise existing fittings/holes
  8. Interior Spare mount for "oversize" tyre

    Interior Spare mount for "oversize" tyre

    After fitting oversize A/T's the spare wouldn't fit in the wheel well... Here's my alternative..
  9. Nice Pinch with Rock Ledge

    Nice Pinch with Rock Ledge

    First trail attempt with new tyres, bodylift and extra clearance