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  1. H6 LLBean ECU misfire trouble (?)

    Gen 3: 2005-2009
    Heard from parents today that the Outback (which they're babysitting and exercising for me) threw a CEL + VDC + Cruise light combo, and started running rough. Two OBD readers failed to communicate properly, so they took it to the family's go-to shop (supposed to be an auto electric specialist)...
  2. H6 & Premium

    Oil, Oil Filters, and Fuel Discussion
    Hi there, since gas prices are low and Subaru recommends using 91+ in my 2007 Outback LL Bean, was going to give it a try on my next fill up. All I am really wondering is if it is going to be worth it, this car has 130k+ miles on it at this point so I'm wondering if it still might get slightly...
  3. Head Gasket problems on H6

    Gen 2: 2000-2004
    I dropped off my recently purchased Outback at the dealership for a used vehicle inspection, they told me the engine is "fine" but the head gasket is leaking, the oil lines are leaking, and the coolant is leaking. They told me they would have to do a full head gasket repair and it would cost at...
  4. Dragging / resistance when coasting in 5th

    Problems & Maintenance
    Hi all, Recently I have noticed an issue as follows: 1. Intermittently if I take my foot off the gas revs drop to a higher level than normal (2k rather than 1k) and I feel resistance. This vehicle then does what feels like a smooth downshift but the car is still in 5th. This "downshift" then...
  5. SOLD, sorry

    Sorry, sold!
  6. 2005 3.0 6cyl

    Gen 2: 2000-2004
    Does anyone know if the 3.0 H6 in a 2005 outback is open deck or semi-closed? I am trying to decide between buying a 2005 outback with 3.0 (129k miles) or a 2010 outback with 2.5 (150,000). I like the idea of a newer car but man is it slow. I am wonderinghow much life I might expect out of the...
  7. FS: engine H6 EZ30d 3.0 only 88K miles (north american spec 2001-2004)

    I purchased a car from one of my buddies that was in an accident and the insurance totaled the car. I needed the transmission for my car. I have almost 300K miles on my H6 but it runs perfect and doesn't burn oil so I don't have a reason to change it out with this motor. Attached are photos of...
  8. Work 05

    Work 05

  9. Work 00

    Work 00

  10. Work 04

    Work 04

  11. Work 02

    Work 02

  12. Work 01

    Work 01

  13. City lights

    City lights

  14. Tower detail

    Tower detail

    Strut brace fitted, neat, well made.... and the engine is pretty good too :)
  15. Whiteline fever...?

    Whiteline fever...?

    Another art in alloy? Whiteline Liberty/Legacy Strut Brace fits the H6
  16. Fitted protection...

    Fitted protection...

    Alloy sumpguard fitted - one well protected H6 now....
  17. Art in Alloy...

    Art in Alloy...

    Engine view of new cast alloy sumpguard - serious protection...
  18. Serious sump protection

    Serious sump protection

    Cast alloy sumpguard - Australian made. Seriously strong.
  19. If only....

    If only....

    After a few comments about lift but no decent tyres it was time to turn to PhotoImpression.... 31/10.5R/15's... Nice thought, no clearance :-(
  20. 3/4 Front - new lift

    3/4 Front - new lift

    Looking a bit more "balanced" at the front - better cambers, softer springs but still very lifted. Scorpion 2" body lift fitted. Just needing better rims and tyres...