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hd springs

  1. Whiteline fever...?

    Whiteline fever...?

    Another art in alloy? Whiteline Liberty/Legacy Strut Brace fits the H6
  2. Art in Alloy...

    Art in Alloy...

    Engine view of new cast alloy sumpguard - serious protection...
  3. Serious sump protection

    Serious sump protection

    Cast alloy sumpguard - Australian made. Seriously strong.
  4. If only....

    If only....

    After a few comments about lift but no decent tyres it was time to turn to PhotoImpression.... 31/10.5R/15's... Nice thought, no clearance :-(
  5. 3/4 Front - new lift

    3/4 Front - new lift

    Looking a bit more "balanced" at the front - better cambers, softer springs but still very lifted. Scorpion 2" body lift fitted. Just needing better rims and tyres...
  6. New 'raked' profile

    New 'raked' profile

    After replacing the way too stiff front King Springs the nose dropped 1", but handles better and takes away the "high in the air front". Still got 12" under the sills!