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  1. Android Auto-no map, voice ok

    General Discussions
    I just got a new 2020 Outback. Android Auto worked with my S8 when I had the App to launch on the phone. I now have a Samsung Note20 5G with AA built into the operating system (Android 10). When the Note20 is plugged in via USB, the voice directions are audible but the map doesn't show up on the...
  2. How I installed my Kicker Key Amp

    Gen 6: 2020-Future
    First off, I am not a professional installer. If I did something wrong, then feel free to let me know. What I needed Kicker Key Amp of course Wiring Harness Wire Harness for 1987-2018 Toyota and 2016+ Subaru (Used for Amplifier or Subwoofer Installation): Car Electronics Wire loom...
  3. Head unit questions from a newbie.

    Gen 4: 2010-2014
    So- I'm a college kid and after a long, sparkly-eyed search of all the subarus I could ever dream of owning, I found that I could inherit my family's 2012 3.6R HK Bluetooth No-nav Outback with 111k miles and a flawless service record. We've had it for years and it was one of the cars I had...
  4. 2015 head unit replacement, backup camera not engaging

    Audio, Video, Security, & Navigation
    Hi all, I have a 2015 base model Outback with the smaller 6.3" (I think) head unit. Recently, the touch screen stopped working and I had the dealer flash the firmware but reported back that they were unable to make the touchscreen work. The dealer wanted $1100 for a new head unit, but I opted...
  5. Help fixing stuck CD changer!

    Gen 2: 2000-2004
    Hello everyone. While trying to swap the CDs around in the 6 disc CD changer of my 04 LL Bean, I seem to have jammed it! I think the issue is a slipping component, as when I start the car I can hear the little motor inside working, but somewhere inside the motion isn't being transferred (I...
  6. 2013 Head unit with CarPlay and OEM function?

    Audio, Video, Security, & Navigation
    I’ve scoured the site and other forums, and I can’t find anything that can clarify if stock functions of steering wheel buttons (answer/hang up calls; volume, scan/track; mode, etc), and the stock Aux/USB connections in the console box while also being a CarPlay unit. Can anyone steer me toward...
  7. No audio 2018 Outback

    Electrical & Electronics
    Hi I’ve seen threads re software updates and head unit fixes. I had the last Software update in February of this year and yesterday randomly all sound disappeared. Radio stations, NAV, media, CarPlay. I can see what is supposed to be playing on the screen i.e. various radio stations but there is...
  8. Has Anyone Updated Their Maps Via Wifi?

    Gen 5: 2015-2019
    I have a 2019 OB 3.6R. Just finished the firmware update via USB drive, no issues. I was under the impression that update also updates the maps, but apparently it doesn't. I connected my head unit to Wifi and got a message saying everything was up to date. Then I went into settings and went...
  9. 2018 Harmon Kardon Service or Factory menu on head unit

    Gen 5: 2015-2019
    Ok, so apologies for those who already knew this, the forum search didn't lead me to any answers for my specific make/model/head unit but I was able to figure it out using trial and error after seeing how to access the menus for other years. Oddly enough they aren't exactly the same. If you're...
  10. subaru_2008_ob_w_old_school_radio_dark


    gotta have my weatherband!! 2008 Outback with a 2003 Forester radio.
  11. subaru_2008_ob_w_old_school_radio_weatherband


  12. subaru_2008_ob_w_old_school_subaru_radio