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  1. 2011 Outback inner fender clips

    Problems & Maintenance
    Good morning. I am interested in learning the correct size and amount of inner fender clips I need for my 2011 Outback. I need to replace my headlights and find it easier to use a lift, remove the wheels, and drop the inner fenders to complete the repair. I know Amazon sells a variety of kits...
  2. Good H1 Bulb Upgrade?

    Electrical & Electronics
    Hi everyone, this is my first post after lurking for over a month. I bought a 2002 VDC and the headlights suck. Curious what H1 bulbs you'd recommend for my low beams. I ordered a set of Philips 9012 HIR before realizing those were for the fogs. My high beams are satisfactory so I still need a...
  3. H7 Bulb Wiring Coroded

    Gen 2: 2000-2004
    So I've wanted to get a new passenger-side headlight assembly because I haven't been able to restore the clarity it once had. Unfortunately, the wiring connections for my drivers-side H7 lowbeam bulb has corroded to where the lowbeam won't work. I "fixed" it by squeezing the connection, but...
  4. Passenger headlight out; bulbs and fuses seem OK

    Electrical & Electronics
    Passenger side headlights are out on my dad’s 2014 OB 2.5 (pretty sure it’s a ‘limited’; has leather seats and moonroof) w/CVT. He checked the low beam bulbs and fuses and they appear to be working. He has not pulled the high beam bulb, but put a multimeter onto the spot where you hook in the...