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  1. Coolant Leak, Help Identifying Pipe

    Gen 3: 2005-2009
    Attached below are two images of the pipe that looks like it is leaking, but what part is this? and is it in fact a standalone pipe that I can just easily swap out? I am having trouble identifying the replacement piece I would need to fix this looking at the part diagrams. It's directly under...
  2. 2010 Subaru outback head gasket? N

    Head Gasket Issues
    Hello! I am new to owning a used 2010 Subaru outback. I got the car in Sept 2019. I'm am not at all car knowledgeable. An older couple owned it before and I bought the car at 72,500 miles. Around 85,000 miles I started having an overheating issue but it didnt overheat everytime I drove it. I...
  3. Leaking Gate Lift When Using Roof Rack

    Problems & Maintenance
    We have the roof rails unlocked and have a luggage carrier on the car. Since doing this, and with the two most recent rains, I notice that there is significant leaking from our back gate window. Would this be because water is getting into the holes where the crossbars would otherwise be if not...