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lift gate

  1. Power Liftgate Issue (2016 2.5i Limited)

    Gen 5: 2015-2019
    I just bought this used and had one issue with the power liftgate. When I open it by pushing the button (memory button "off"), it opens completely, then makes a long beep and slowly starts to close. At a few points, it falls a little more and beeps again. Eventually it completely closes. I can...
  2. Help in identifying gate window seal part number

    Problems & Maintenance
    The piece of rubber along the bottom of the gate window on my 2016 subaru outback has gotten damaged. I went to but I had trouble identifying it. Can anyone assist? I suppose a follow up question is whether it is straightforward to pull the old one out and push a new one in.
  3. Leaking Gate Lift When Using Roof Rack

    Problems & Maintenance
    We have the roof rails unlocked and have a luggage carrier on the car. Since doing this, and with the two most recent rains, I notice that there is significant leaking from our back gate window. Would this be because water is getting into the holes where the crossbars would otherwise be if not...