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  1. Problems & DIY Maintenance
    So I was getting codes p0028 and 26. Replaced both VVT solenoids. Noticed oil around spark plugs. So I replaced valve cover gaskets and spark plug gaskets. Also was informed I have a head gasket leaking oil. Now, I still have code p0028 and, after I have driven a little bit and everything is...
  2. Engine & Drivetrain
    Hello there, I'll start this off by saying that I'm not sure about the etiquette here, please let me know if I've done anything wrong. I drive a 1997 Legacy GT, (ej20h - twin turbo) the ones they got over in Japan. It's still basically an outback, and I used to own an outback and have been...
  3. Problems & DIY Maintenance
    I've got a 2005 outback xt that will go into limp mode every month or two while throwing a P0638. Symptoms: -Idle hunting, rpms jump up and down -intermittant high rpm at low speeds/idle while off gas pedal - Limp mode about once a month With an obd 2 reader the throttle position moves up...
1-3 of 3 Results