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  1. Gen 2: 2000-2004
    Hello all, I've recently been promoted to maintaining my parents outback, prior to the most recent oil change the only noise the car made when accelerating was a high pitched whistling past 2.5k. After the most recent oil change the car now makes a screeching noise when accelerating. It only...
  2. Problems & DIY Maintenance
    Hey all- Is there something that I can spray on my door seals that will keep them from freezing to the body? Eventually they pull the mounts loose around the bottom of the door and hang loose. Am tempted to either spray the seals lightly with some kind of silicone based lubricant, or perhaps...
  3. General Discussions
    So I took advice from this forum to not change spark plugs (unless problem) at the scheduled time. I believe it was 90K. We are now at 125K with no problems still. I did recently replace (much to my chagrin) the catalytic converter since it had become problematic in that same time and the whole...
  4. Performance Parts & Accessories
    Or perhaps maintenance best practices. My 2016 Cross-adaptive cruise control is acting like a senior driver. It fails at night
  5. Problems & DIY Maintenance
    My 2011 Subaru Outback 3.6r Limited is currently around 85k miles. I'm looking for the Warranty and Maintenance Booklet that the Legacy & Outback 2011 Owner Manual mentions in 11-3. I want to try to do the maintenance myself but I don't know the maintenance schedule. Can anyone direct me to a...
  6. Performance Parts & Accessories
    Hi! I recently just had maintenance done on my 2011 Outback and replaced some gaskets. Since then, I have noticed that when I reverse, and then shift into drive, when I turn my wheel the car vibrates a little bit. Is this cause for concern or just the car getting used to the new gaskets maybe...
  7. Canada
    I'm wondering if I should use Subaru Dealerships only to maintain my 2014 Outback 3.6. Any comments? Subaru is asking $550 + tax to change 6 spark plugs. Is there really that much of a difference in the spark plugs Subaru will use compared to the local mechanic? Should I ask the local...
1-7 of 7 Results