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  1. 1999 Subaru Legacy outback manual trans issue

    Problems & Maintenance
    Today I was driving and my car got stuck in 4th gear (manual 5 speed 2.5 dohc). I had just recently had this issue and thought I fixed it. I tried pushing it out but it stayed stuck in gear and now has a ridiculous amount of play on the shifter.
  2. 6MT synchro damage after TO bearing failure?

    Gen 4: 2010-2014
    I picked up this 2.5 OB 6-speed with 112k on it. Soon after doing its 120k service the throwout bearing failed catastrophically with no warning other than a very subtle whirring when the clutch was depressed. Not knowing at the time what had failed I limped it across town to a transmission...
  3. Rare 2009 Subaru Outback XT Manual Turbo - 108k Miles

    Gen 3: 2005-2009
    Hey Folks - I'm new here but just coming through to let you guys know I've recently listed my Outback XT on Blinker. Apologies in advance if this isn't the place to post but thought this forum would be interested in learning a bit more... check it out on the blinker site if you're interested...
  4. Gen 3 cvt to manual swap

    Gen 3: 2005-2009
    I just upgraded to a 07 legacy outback from my first 2nd gen outback. The cvt transmission in it has a issue with the valve to the transfer case, making the front wheels not turn as well. I thought instead of having it torn apart I could maybe just replace it with a manual trans. I am not...
  5. Cup washer/spacer close up

    Cup washer/spacer close up

    This is another shot with the pieces put together to illustrate the parts I need.
  6. Cup washer/spacer pieces

    Cup washer/spacer pieces

    This is what I need! Two of these. It goes on the spider gear inside the differential.