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  1. After digging

    Shows how we had to dig out the passenger side to get mud out from underneath the wagon. Before you werent able to open the doors there.
  2. From the front

    Shot from at the winch, slowly but surely pullin the wagon.
  3. Time to winch it out

    Attached to the come along, pullin it out of the hole
  4. Time to winch it out

    Just shows how i had the come-a-long attached to the front of the wagon.
  5. In deep

    This is a good side shot from the passenger rear.
  6. Slop

    This pic shows the sloppy mud around my passenger rear wheel. This was making it very hard to move.
  7. There til dark

    I was in the hole til dark and got some nighttime photos
  8. In up to the doors

    Another shot of the passenger side in the hole. My passenger had to climb out his window.
  9. In the hole

    This is a bad shot, but it shows how deep i was on the passenger side. Not Fun.
1-9 of 9 Results