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my04 outback l.l.bean

  1. Warm Early Spring Day

    Warm Early Spring Day

    Spring in NEPA means woodchuck hunting (06 Apr 05). Not much in the way of colorful offroad scenery just yet.
  2. The Last Word

    The Last Word

    In the great analog vs. digital debate I get to have the last word! I've had this personalized license plate since 1981, the year that Pennsylvania changed to 7 numbers/letters. (07 Jul 04)
  3. My $31K Bike Rack!

    My $31K Bike Rack!

    Mountain biking on State gamelands near Hallstead, PA (22 May 04). Sometimes I think the only reason I bought this vehicle was to haul my bike around! :~) Purchased in Nov 2003fortunately at a lot less than the sticker price!