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  1. Outback 2018 Navigation Displays dims with volume changes

    General Discussions
    Is there a setting to stop the navigation display from dimming (going black) when you change the volume of the radio? When I adjust the volume, the screen goes black and the volume number label shows up. I do not need the screen to go black and would like to be able to go up and down with the...
  2. 2020 Onyx - Navigation Issues

    Gen 6: 2020-Future
    Hi All, This morning I was testing out the navigation system, which I have used successfully multiple times, and all of the sudden my position on the map was shifted about a city blocks length away from my actual position. I recently updated the maps to map version 19739 via USB thumb drive if...
  3. 2011 outback 2.5 limited nav, audio, interior lights, remote locks not working

    Audio, Video, Security, & Navigation
    My nav, audio, interior lights and remote lock stopped working. I thought it was a fuse and checked the fuses but all were fine. Called SOA and they have no idea. Instead of going to a Subaru dealer or repair shop, want to know if anyone has any idea what the problem is and if it's a simple fix.
  4. Navigation Software update for Gen 4 Outback (Australia)

    Australia & New Zealand
    I have a 2012 outback with the factory Navigation system. I'm in NSW Australia. There have been many new and changes to roadworks that my system does not recognise . Anyone know of a software update? The dealer told me there is not one, but I find that hard to believe. TIA.
  5. confirm the latest Nav maps are 2018 Q3?

    Gen 5: 2015-2019
    Our three years of free updates for our 2017 OB are (nearly) up, and have been checking for an update. My card and the Gen2 _toolbox program shows that the most current maps are 2018 Q3. Is this everyone else experience? I would have expected an update in a year. I am wondering how long...
  6. Send location to Navigation from phone

    Audio, Video, Security, & Navigation
    Hi, Is there a way to send location from phone to the Navigation system to use as destination. Using Bluetooth, or even USB? Whatever works. I have Outback 2019 with navigation, I can use Android Auto, but sometimes I would just rather use built it navigation, but then I have to type address...
  7. Native Navigation turn options

    Gen 6: 2020-Future
    Hello, I've been considering purchasing a 2020 Outback as my first Subaru. One question I had for current owners after my first test drive was on the native navigation. I was able to put in a location and have it start giving directions. There was 2 things I couldn't figure out and the salesman...
  8. Stereo, navigation, dimmer not working: Solved

    Audio, Video, Security, & Navigation
    2006 Outback XT My stereo, navigation, and brightest setting on the dash light dimmer isn’t working. Worked fine when I got out of the car. Stopped working when I got in the next morning. Also the climate control is turned off every time I turn the car on. Still works though. I solved it: It...
  9. 2011 2.5 Limited with Navigation

    2011 2.5 Limited with Navigation

    New ride, thanks to my dealer Morristown Subaru for a good deal. =)
  10. 2011 2.5 Limited with Navigation

    2011 2.5 Limited with Navigation

    It's definitely not as eager in cornering compares to my 2008 2.5, But 4-inch taller and raised ride height I am completely satisfied with it.
  11. 2011 2.5 Limited with Navigation

    2011 2.5 Limited with Navigation

    The car drives like it has a V6 in it. The smoothness of the CVT, the gas pedal feedback feel.
  12. 2011 2.5 Limited with Navigation

    2011 2.5 Limited with Navigation

    Definitely a huge upgrade from my 2008 base model.
  13. 2011 2.5 Limited with Navigation

    2011 2.5 Limited with Navigation

    Navigation screen showing... Veggie Tale... =P