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  1. Service Center Messed Up Oil Change - Any recommendations

    Gen 5: 2015-2019
    Got an oil change on Friday (3 days ago). On Saturday, my wife drove the outback, and she said there was a weird smell. I went out to take a look, and it smelled like burning. Open the hood, and the oil filter has oil all around it, where it sets into the engine bay. Look down, and oil had...
  2. Advice Needed on Buying 2015 Outback 3.6R with few oil changes with early driving

    General Discussions
    I'm looking at a 2015 Outback 3.6R with 52K miles and its first oil changes were at 6700 and 23000 miles. After that it has had regular oil changes every 6000 miles roughly. How much would that worry you? Would you buy it?
  3. Type of lubeoil you're using for OB 2.5

    Oil, Oil Filters, and Fuel Discussion
    Hi, I've searched and read the various discussions about the optimal oil for the 2.5 but I couldn't determine a specific recommendation. Other than Subaru oil, what's the one that seems to make this engine happiest? I've been a regular Mobil 1 user on our EJ25 but there seem to be a lot of...
  4. "Extended Life" charge on dealer invoice for oil change

    Problems & Maintenance
    My wife was charged a $17.99 "MOA Extended Life" charge when she took the 2019 Outback 4-cyl for the 6,000 mile service, it's first service. The dealer tried to charge all kinds of ridiculous stuff at first, so I asked her to specify oil change, tire rotation, air filter check only. They did the...