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oil leak

  1. Hex Plug near Oil Filter - 2007 Outback 2.5L - Is it oil related?

    Problems & Maintenance
    Hi All, I'm hoping for a bit of advice. I have an oil leak that appears to be coming from either this hex plug, (see pic), or the oil filter. Just wondering what the hex plug is? Is it an oil related item? Thanks in advance. Glenn
  2. Oil leak near exhaust manifold

    Oil, Oil Filters, and Fuel Discussion
    Greetings! I've got an 09 outback with 142k bought it about a week ago, and just noticed an oil leak just behind the manifold, somewhat. Wasn't quite sure what it could be. I've had some tell me it's the camshaft seal, but I'm not too sure. Apologies for the image quality. Haven't gotten to put...
  3. 2017 Outback 2.5 with oil leak on driver’s side : front spark plug area

    Gen 5: 2015-2019
    I’m wondering if anyone has seen this on this generation of subarus. We picked up a used subbi with 28k and my wife has driven it for about three weeks. We noticed a spot on the garage floor, it was definitely engine oil from the driver’s side. After looking under the hood, you can see oil...
  4. 2007 Subaru Outback oil leaking everywhere

    Problems & Maintenance
    So my girlfriend was driving home from work when her oil pressure light came on and car started smoking abit apparently smelt like burnt oil. So I went and had a look and found where the oil was leaking from. Found a pool of oil under her car we would just like to know if it’s an easy fix and...