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  1. My 2018 linited gripes

    Problems & Maintenance
    When cars are on the off ramp my car wants to stop thinking it’s in my lane. maybe needs new glasses?? Cars in left lane are fine Dealer hounding me for an oil change. I park the car 6 months while in FL. I asked him if I am required tofly home just to change oil. I have 8 K miles on it and I...
  2. Is it a bad idea to add Lucas Engine Oil Stop Leak?

    Oil, Oil Filters, and Fuel Discussion
    I have a minor(ish) head gasket leak on my ‘06 Outback. I probably add 1.0 qt every 2-3 weeks. I drive 300+ miles a week. Is stop leak a bad idea? I’ve heard it can gunk up everything, not only the leaks. I am leaning toward just dealing with adding oil for a bit longer until the time comes to...
  3. Extreme Desert Heat, Which Oil Viscosity?

    Gen 5: 2015-2019
    Here in Tucson Arizona, most summer days get up to 109F degrees. Which is the best oil viscosity for these hot desert climates? I plan on using synthetic Mobil 1 2017 Outback 2.5
  4. Oil leak near exhaust manifold

    Oil, Oil Filters, and Fuel Discussion
    Greetings! I've got an 09 outback with 142k bought it about a week ago, and just noticed an oil leak just behind the manifold, somewhat. Wasn't quite sure what it could be. I've had some tell me it's the camshaft seal, but I'm not too sure. Apologies for the image quality. Haven't gotten to put...
  5. Any recommendations for best oil brand to use?

    Oil, Oil Filters, and Fuel Discussion
    Hi everyone! I'm new to the Subaru world. I purchased a 2015 Outback 3.6R with 88,000 miles about 2 months ago and have been loving it ever since! In the next few days, I want to change the oil but I need some recommendations on what type of oil and brand would be best for my car. I bought the...
  6. Oil level light comes on; dipstick shows oil is fine

    Gen 4: 2010-2014
    This has been happening every since I got this car; now out of warranty so maybe I'll just have to live with it. Please excuse if this has been answered elsewhere. After a long cross country drive (1500 - 3000 miles) the oil warning light comes on. Usually what I find when I check the oil is...