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  1. Trip / Fuel Mileage Reports
    7/20/22 marked the 1 year anniversary of my purchase date of my '22 OB Onyx XT. After a full year of driving (yesterday, the 21st), I put on 19,292 miles on the vehicle. This is the most amount of miles my wife and I have put on a vehicle in a single year in the last 23 years. The record still...
  2. Forum Rules, New Member Information & Intro.
    Greetings from the Nashville area! I've been a longtime browser of the forums and finally joined after taking delivery of my 2022 Onyx Edition in Crystal White Pearl. Excited to continue my and my family's Subaru journey with this one. My first Outback was a 2013 in Burgundy Velvet; I traded my...
  3. For Sale / For Free
  4. Forum Rules, New Member Information & Intro.
    Hello all! Looking forward to chatting and contributing to the forum with yall. Just rolled out of the dealership with this today...
  5. Gen 6: 2020-Future
    Hey everyone, first-time poster long-time reader! Just purchased the 2021 Subaru Outback Onyx XT in Crystal Black Silica + the Optional Package (adds TomTom Navi + Moonroof) and I couldn't be happier so far. This car is an upgrade (i say that but I still have feelings) for my 2011 Forest Green...
  6. For Sale / For Free
    Hi, everyone! I bought my Onyx November 2019, and then in June 2020 I ended up replacing all 5 wheels/tires with ones from LP Adventure. At the time my car had 5300 miles on it. I kept them around just in case I didn't like the new ones, but now I've decided I don't need 5 wheels lying around...
  7. Lighting, Electrical & Electronics
    After fussing with the admittedly lackluster 6-speaker system in my 2020 Outback Premium, I got it dialed in about as well as I could manage to sound as okay as possible on as broad a range of music as I tend to listen to without spending money on new speakers and amps and such, which is what...
  8. Oil, Oil Filters, and Fuel Discussion
    So I bought a 2020 Subaru Onyx XT. Still have a half tank of gas, but going to a fill up probably this weekend. Just wondering about people thoughts on using premium versus regular unleaded gasoline. What about mid-grade? I know there are benefits to using premium gas.
1-8 of 8 Results