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oxygen sensor

  1. Oxygen Sensor 1 (Upstream) reading zero voltage on ODB dashboard.

    Gen 3: 2005-2009
    I'm trying to get my son's first Subie to pass NYS inspection and I'm hitting a couple of issues. This one is killing me. I was getting a P0171 error via ODB (System Too Lean) and did some troubleshooting. I've tested for vacuum leaks, cleaned the MAF sensor, and swapped out the up and...
  2. O2 sensor wiring harness replacement

    Problems & Maintenance
    The wiring harness for my oxygen sensor melted on my catalytic converter so I’m trying to replace it. Anyone know of a place I can buy this wiring harness? Are the various wiring harnesses for the vehicle interchangeable? Do wiring harnesses for other makes or models work for this purpose?