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  1. Parts, Accessories, & Performance
    Hi i just got a gen 2 outback as my first car and was looking to make a little more horsepower without doing anything major, does anyone know if the 05 xt accesport would work? Also anyone know of a good CAI and exhaust system? Thanks to anyone that can help
  2. Parts, Accessories, & Performance
    I'm looking for unequal length headers for my 08. I found a set for up to 05 and I was thinking that they should still fit. given that it's a 3rd gen EJ25. here's the link if you want to have a look. SS Header NON-Turbo for 1997-2005 Subaru Impreza Outback Wagon 4-Door | eBay Will these fit my 08?
  3. Parts, Accessories, & Performance
    Hi everyone and thanks in advance. I’ve noticed that most of the performance upgrades are for the Outback XT trim. Does anyone know if they will also work for the Outback Touring trim?
  4. Gen 6: 2020-Future
    Hi all. I'm looking at a new Outback. The XT really isn't in the budget right now, so I'm looking at a Premium. If I decide I can afford one, that is probably the direction I will go. Everyone in the forums and YouTube generally agrees that you are risking your family's lives every time you take...
  5. Parts, Accessories, & Performance
    Does anyone know if the performance chips you can buy actually work for a 2019 3.6r OB. Such as Chip Your Car or Performance Chip Tuning?