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  1. Problems & DIY Maintenance
    Hi All, I'm hoping for a bit of advice. I have an oil leak that appears to be coming from either this hex plug, (see pic), or the oil filter. Just wondering what the hex plug is? Is it an oil related item? Thanks in advance. Glenn
  2. Custom roof rack power supply.

    Custom roof rack power supply.

    Here is a shot of the plugs I made and inset in the roof rack rails. It is set in flush so it is out of the way and sealed so it is completely water proof. This way I avoided having to drill any additional holes in the roof. Instead, the wiring for the roof lights goes down into the headliner using
  3. Plug used for the roof lights.

    Plug used for the roof lights.

    I used this "phono" style plug to make the custom roof rack plug in system. This picture show the male end that is attached to the lights themselves.