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  1. Gen 2: 2000-2004
    I lifted my 2002 Subaru Outback with a 2 inch lift kit so I have about 3 or more inches and I want to put maybe 30 inch tires on it, would 245/70R16 work on my stock rims, maybe with wheel spacers if I need too?
  2. Gen 6: 2020-Future
    I'd like to replace my donut with a full size spare. Supposedly my stock rim is 7" wide but discount tire only shows 7.5"+ rims for my car. Will that work or do I need to purchase a matched replacement rim from the dealership?
  3. Wheels, Tires, Brakes, & Suspension
    I am looking to buy a second of 17" rims for my summer tires. According to what I could find online and on this forum, my Gen 3 Outback 3.0R has the following wheel specs: Bolt pattern (PCD): 5×100 Center Bore (CB): 56.1 Thread size (THD): 12 x 1.25 Offset: 45 — 48 My question is: to what...
  4. Wheels, Tires, Brakes, & Suspension
    I need help! looking to get these center line rims 17x8 5x100/4.5 +35mm offset for tires like the falken wild peak A/T 245/65R17 or Yokohama Geolander 235/65R17 but I've seen youtube videos of people getting rims that are 17x8 with a 45 mm offset. two questions: 1. would the 35 mm offset...
  5. Wheels, Tires, Brakes, & Suspension
    This is my first posting to this forum so hopefully I have included what is needed. My Impreza was hit and totaled several years ago but I still have a set of four 15” wheels (15x6) with bolt pattern 5-100, they take a tire size 205/60R15. They have been wrapped up and kept dry all this time. Is...
  6. For Sale / For Free
    Hey! Just mounted some sparco Pro Corsa runs with Yokohama geolanders. I am looking to sell the 18” OEM 2018 Outback Limited Rims. The tire still has decent tread with 26,000 miles on them. perfect for winter rims or an upgrade! asking $800 shipped sir will deliver if within the Midwest...
  7. For Sale / For Free
    Hi, everyone! I bought my Onyx November 2019, and then in June 2020 I ended up replacing all 5 wheels/tires with ones from LP Adventure. At the time my car had 5300 miles on it. I kept them around just in case I didn't like the new ones, but now I've decided I don't need 5 wheels lying around...
  8. For Sale / For Free
    Available for sale: OEM 2015 OB 18” Limited rims. TOTAL OF 4 Price: $400 for set of 4 plus shipping (buyer pays cost to ship to destination) OEM 2015 Forester rims (not covers but solid rims) Came off my daughters car and in great shape. TOTAL OF 4 Price: $400 for set of 4 plus shipping...
  9. Sanded Rims.

    Notice how much better the rims look, they were sanded down to remove the old clearcoat, now they just need a new clear coat.
1-9 of 10 Results