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rough idle

  1. EZ30R bouncing idle?

    Gen 3: 2005-2009
    Now let me start with I'm not the most knowledgeable or experienced when it comes to mechanical issues on cars. I love cars but I'm new to the whole scene. Now then my 05 Outback Sedan with an EZ30R has a bouncing idle. It's only bouncing about 100-200rpm but it's noticeable. I recently had a...
  2. Rough idle and intermittent P0301 - Subaru mechanics couldn't find the issue

    Problems & Maintenance
    Okay, turning to the real Subaru gurus cause the shop that specializes in fixing and tuning Subarus couldn't figure it out. :oops: Have a 2007 Outback XT that idles very rough. Does haul from a stop but doesn't like to be pushed past 60 mph. These are the tests the shop has done...
  3. 97Outback Rough idle, No power, Stalling

    Gen 1: 1995-1999
    Hey! I’ve got a 97 outback automatic trans, I’ve recently run into Issues The car Has an Extremely rough idle, Stalls when Driving once You take your foot off the gas and hit the brakes, Has no power When accelerating, Revs will go up and up but the car still just crawls, No Mil Besides the 2nd...
  4. Maybe a Catalytic Converter Issue

    Parts, Accessories, & Performance
    I've been having a lot of issues with my 2012 Outback 2.5 lately. Rough idle (has stalled a couple times from idle), real crappy gas mileage, P2096, a ton of rattling (probably the heat shields though), and rotten eggish smell. I've been told by several people it sounds like a catalytic...