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  1. 2017 3.6R spark plug replacement

    Problems & Maintenance
    I'm the original owner of my 2017 Outback 3.6R Limited. Mileage is at almost 56K. Reading suggested maintenance says to replace the spark plugs at 60K miles. Two questions to follow. 1st. What is the least invasive and proven process to replace the spark plugs? The plugs are about 2 inches...
  2. 2017 Outback 2.5 with oil leak on driver’s side : front spark plug area

    Gen 5: 2015-2019
    I’m wondering if anyone has seen this on this generation of subarus. We picked up a used subbi with 28k and my wife has driven it for about three weeks. We noticed a spot on the garage floor, it was definitely engine oil from the driver’s side. After looking under the hood, you can see oil...
  3. Spark plug boot came off coil on 2.5

    Gen 5: 2015-2019
    I replaced my 2 passenger side plugs without issue. However, the boot seems to have ripped off the coil on the front driver side plug and the passenger side plug is quite stuck as well, so I suspect it may do something similar if I pull on it. Anyone encountered this before? With the tight...
  4. 2016 Outback Limitied 67000 Miles service cost

    Problems & Maintenance
    Hi All, I bought a 2016 outback when it was 54K miles in on (Some time in 2018 Sept.) it and I had my 1st servicing done at 60K as per schedule at an authorized service Center in my area . During that visit the service staff recommended to change the spark plugs and it was not very inexpensive...