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  1. Gen 3: 2005-2009
    I drive a 2005 Subaru Outback Sedan 3.0. I made a post here the other day for a unrelated issues and you guys came though for me with some helpful information. So I've decided to post my other issue I'm having with my car. About 4-5 months ago I was rebuilding my suspension when I snapped both...
  2. Gen 5: 2015-2019
    Car has about 40K miles. Recently when I turned sharply right into a driveway I heard a scraping noise then a metal on metal clanging noise near the right rear of the car. Subsequently when going over sharp bumps like railroad tracks, potholes, manhole covers the clanging occurs. A car guy...
  3. Gen 4: 2010-2014
    Hi, brand new to this forum & first Subaru. 2012 Outback, 97K miles. It starts vibrating (up and down more than side to side) at 30 mph - felt most strongly at 30-40, but is always there, just “faster & smaller” vibrating at higher speeds. The steering needs near constant minor adjusting while...
  4. Gen 5: 2015-2019
    I have seen the threads discussing the changes in steering in the Gen. 5. Apparently the 15 was weak and they made improvements in the 17 and more in the 18? I have a 15 and there is Zero tracking in the steering, one of just a few complaints about the vehicle but it's a big one. My...
  5. Parts, Accessories, & Performance
    Would I be possible to swap the steering wheel from an 09 wrx to an 05 outback? I have someone in my area that’s parting out their wrx and the steering wheel on my outback is worn down.
  6. Gen 1: 1995-1999
    My cv axle is seized into my hub assembly at this point I’ve given up trying to remove it and am just trying to find a new steering knuckle as I’m rebuilding my entire suspension anyways. As it so happens tho it is almost impossible to find a steering knuckle for my 1999 legacy outback anywhere...
  7. Problems & DIY Maintenance
    Hey all. I've owned my '98 Outback manual for a few years now (bought from previous owner) and I have never had a problem with it. Its got quite a few miles (239K) but the engine and rest of components seem to be going strong. About a year ago, after a long road trip and upon returning home, the...
1-7 of 7 Results