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  1. Problems & DIY Maintenance
    I've purchased a 2011 subaru wrx with some stuff done to it like blow off valve and a different exhaus, long story short on the drive home I get the check engine light on, and when I hook it upto the scanner it reads the P0420 Code "catalytic system below efficiently below threshold bank 1 and 2...
  2. Problems & DIY Maintenance
    I have an outback 2008 4AT 168 miles and i check the trans oil and it is not too dark yet but it is not too red. My question is, if I change the external and internal oil filter will be good? So far I know, any transmision you not have to change the oil of any transmision because then after few...
  3. Problems & DIY Maintenance
    I have a 2001 legacy 2.5 rx and I'm having problems with finding obd2 pinouts would appreciate if anyone had any information. Thx:)
  4. Gen 6: 2020-Future
    Hey all, I am new to these forums but have been following them for a while. I just got my first Subaru! It is a 2021 Outback XT Onyx Edition in Magnetite Grey. I am loving this color! It is the first time I have had a dark grey car and I am in love with the way it looks in the sun. The car...
  5. Lighting, Electrical & Electronics
    I hope someone can help with this issue, I have searched and not found anything similar. Went to the store, wife stayed in the car. I Locked the car with my key fob and took it with me. When I returned my wife pushed the unlock button while in the car and the alarm went off. I pushed the panic...
  6. Gen 1: 1995-1999
    Hey everybody I’ve got a ‘98 outback 2.5l auto and a few days ago on the way to work she started making a weird noise. At first I thought it was static from the radio but I turned off the radio and it was still doing it. Then I thought something was dragging so I stopped at a gas station and...
  7. Problems & DIY Maintenance
    2007 Subaru Outback check engine light came on so I took it to jiffy lube to have them scan it and it just said error for the 2 code readers they tried to use. Anyone know what good with this?
  8. Subaru Outback Versus The Competition
    It is with a heavy heart that I bid adieu to Subaru. I have sold my 2015 Outback 3.6r and purchased an Alfa Romeo Stelvio Ti Sport AWD. I had a hard look at myself in the mirror and asked myself if it was worth it to add: XRT tune Raptor headers LP exhaust Soundproofing CarPlay head unit (BTW...
  9. Gen 2: 2000-2004
    Hello, first things first. It’s a 2.2T Has spark fuel and none of the air lines or air box is clogged with a brand new filter. It started and ran a few days ago and since that night it no longer runs. Starter engages it’s got spark to all 4 And 20-25lbs of fuel pressure. And been through all the...
  10. Lighting, Electrical & Electronics
    Hello! I have a 2018 Subaru Outback, So it’s been incredibly hot where I live (100+) and I noticed some sort of damage on the inside of the screen. When I try to use the radio or CarPlay it will press the button that is beneath the damage and it’s really irritating. Recently more spots started...
  11. Gen 5: 2015-2019
    I designed and 3d printed a cup holder adapter for nalgenes and hydroflasks. It is designed to be a perfect fit in the center console cup holders. I'm selling them on etsy if anyone is interested...
  12. Problems & DIY Maintenance
    so i spent 2300 on a 2006 subaru outback sohc limited 2.5i with 137,000 miles, was enamored by the great price. had to fix a few small things (radiator cap, thermostat , spark plugs, struts) and i was dreading having to do the timing belt. so i started getting a cylinder 3 misfire, and a p0026...
  13. Parts, Accessories, & Performance
    I’ve got a 2006 outback and the stock engine is on its last legs. I figured this was the perfect opportunity to do an engine and manual trans swap. I want to have some sideways fun on the dirt roads without it being completely un-drivable in normal circumstances. Engine/transmission recommendations?
  14. Gen 2: 2000-2004
    I'm looking to strap a kayak to an '03 Outback. Any helpful suggestions? The kayak is 10 ft and about 50 lbs. I only need to travel about 150 miles. I have crank straps and utility rope, I'm just wondering where the best spots to tie it down are. Thank you in advance.
  15. Gen 2: 2000-2004
    Hey all, I got a 2003 outback 2.5 limited and I'd like more power under the hood. Could a flat 6 (H6) 3.0 EZ30 fit? What else could possibly fit in there? Thanks
  16. For Sale / For Free
    2001 Subaru Forester S Three owners by one Family prior to my acquiring it 192k miles, but don't let that be the reason you miss out EJ252 4 cylinder recently rebuilt, not just head gaskets. All of it. Subaru parts, complete timing set with tensioner and gears, OEM thermostat, organic coolant...
  17. All Other Subaru Models
    I am thinking of turbocharging my 04 Subaru Legacy, it is auto but I think that shouldnt be a big issue. I was wondering if anyone had any pointers or where to start on this part of my build! Thanks Again! :)
  18. Problems & DIY Maintenance
    So my girlfriend was driving home from work when her oil pressure light came on and car started smoking abit apparently smelt like burnt oil. So I went and had a look and found where the oil was leaking from. Found a pool of oil under her car we would just like to know if it’s an easy fix and...
  19. Forum Rules, New Member Information & Intro.
    Hi, I am new to the Subaru world, but, very intrigued. I have heard great things, so, I have been looking to buy one. I found a 2005 Outback XT w/ 5-speed manual. It is loaded and has 130,000 miles. The turbo, timing belt/chain, and clutch are new. The car is almost like new inside and out. The...
  20. Do-It-Yourself Illustrated Guides
    This is the damage that i want to repair. Im gonna post some pictures, time lapses videos etc. along the way, so stay tuned. Please comment if Im doing something wrong. Thank you.