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  1. Fb25 to fa20f is swap

    Car Lounge
    Soooooo, I was off-roading with my 2013 outback and I accidentally blew a piston rod😂 I’ve been doing a lot of research regarding alternative engine swaps and I’ve got it down to either buying a new stock engine or swapping it for the fa20f. Now I’ve got the 2.5 with the cvt transmission. Will...
  2. Found a nice engine in Holiday, Florida, far from home. Any locals [know a mechanic] who can visit the junk yard for me? (RE: RIP 2013 Outback 3.6R)

    Problems & Maintenance
    Hello folks, Thanks for your help with this thread: RIP 2013 Outback 3.6R EZ36D, Cylinder 2 head... $6k fix So, I found an engine with only 16k miles on it, but it's so very far from home (car is in Redding, CA, 3-4 hours north of me in San Francisco). The car looks good: It got...
  3. wrx swapped 2001 outback

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    I have a 2001 outback and the motor is knocking and I was looking to put something else in. A 350 small block is definitely not gonna fit (i tried to convince myself it would but the evidence for failure was just too much) what would be the best/easiest swap. I'm looking for more power than...
  4. 97 Potential Engine/Trans Swap

    Parts, Accessories, & Performance
    I want to preface this post by saying first and foremost hello to all of you out there my name is Scrappy and this is my first post to this forum so sorry mods if it ended up in the incorrect place. A few days ago my wonderful wife bought me a 97 legacy outback for my birthday. Being the car...
  5. 2001 Outback 5MT Compatibility

    Gen 2: 2000-2004
    Hey all, first post here so sorry if this belongs somewhere else. I've been looking around for information about this, but can't find a solid answer to this. So, the 5MT in my wagon has given up the ghost, but my friend has a 5MT from a 98 Forester. I know mine is phase II while his is phase I...
  6. Gen 3 cvt to manual swap

    Gen 3: 2005-2009
    I just upgraded to a 07 legacy outback from my first 2nd gen outback. The cvt transmission in it has a issue with the valve to the transfer case, making the front wheels not turn as well. I thought instead of having it torn apart I could maybe just replace it with a manual trans. I am not...