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  1. SOLVED: water leak in tailgate area of 2012 Outback

    General Discussions
    Our tailgate area of our 2012 Outback was getting water in it. I think this has been going on for years, but it wasn't very noticeable because here in SLC we only get snow in the winter (very little rain in summer, etc). I kept thinking the musty smell was just from leftover water on our boots...
  2. Tailgate won’t actuate

    Gen 5: 2015-2019
    When I press the open button on the tailgate, it beeps twice (short beeps), unlocks and sits there. The gate works properly from dash button or key fob. Now and then, the button will open the gate. The close button on the tailgate works fine every time. Thoughts? Thanks
  3. 2019 OB with Automatic Tailgate - 12k replacement

    Gen 5: 2015-2019
    I just took my car in for the 12k service today and noted to the advisor that my rear tailgate would often only raise up an inch or two and I would have to manually close it to get it to reset and work again. The technician troubleshooted and said there were no thrown codes. They had to call...